What you eat is fuel for your body and mind, so it’s important to understand how to make healthy informed choices about your food. Simple changes in a diet can have a significant impact on so many factors in a person’s life – your food choices could be causing mood swings, low energy levels, brain fog, general lethargy, etc. and these have a flow on effect to your relationships, how productive you are at work, etc.

So we designed a nutrition workshop to educate the basics about healthy food choices in a simple and engaging way so that it’s easy for your employees to apply straight away.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to identify key components to every meal; and understand “health foods”, calories and macronutrients so that they can confidently choose the right foods. During the workshop we make a meal together so that everyone can apply what they’ve learned straight away and you don’t leave empty handed – everyone has a raw healthy dessert to take home and a book full of healthy easy-to-make recipes.


The Workshops last 1.5 hours (90 minutes) and we need to have 20 minutes to set up.


We generally prefer to keep the workshops to a maximum of 25 people to ensure we provide a personalised experience and to guarantee the meal and raw dessert we cook can go to each participant. However we can cater to larger groups.


We can host at our location (Boss Gym - 19 Shearson Cresent, Mentone) or we can come into your workplace - we supply all cooking/eating supplies.

Workshop components:

 *Identify key components to every meal - what your plate should look like

*Understanding calories, macronutrients & health foods

*How foods affect your everyday life, both physically (disease/health) and mentally (mood/energy/sleep).

*Prepare a healthy meal during the session

*Healthy easy-to-make recipe book and raw desserts for each participant to take home.

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