Ellie's Story - 20yrs

Ellie has only been with us for just over two months, but she made a commitment when she joined to make sure she is consistent and to come to the gym most days. She has been so amazing to watch, she has been getting in here a minimum of 4 times every single week and putting everything into her sessions. Her technique, strength and fitness is increasing every single week and it's only just beginning. I love that she is making this part of her life and noticing all the amazing changes it is bringing in so many aspect of her life.


"Leading up to my first session I was nervous - I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. However, the Boss Gym family were welcoming and supportive and I immediately felt at ease. After the session, I was completely and utterly exhausted but I remember feeling really proud of what I had achieved. For me, no matter how unfit I was, surviving my first workout was a real achievement.  

Now, honestly, I love it!! Training at Boss Gym has become a part of my daily routine and has improved my life in so many ways. How I feel about myself, my mood, my sleeping pattern as well as my diet have completely transformed just from training at Boss."

What motivates you to keep turning up and training?

Through Boss Gym’s sessions and how they are structured, my fitness goals have become as important to me as weight loss. I am never bored as the sessions change each day and every day I go to Boss I feel happier and stronger. I am a much better version of myself now and that motivation flows out into other areas of my life.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start?

Just do it!! You won’t regret it. Mia and Adam provides so much support as well as catering to injuries. The changes you will see will truly amaze you! I have done so many different training programs/fads and Boss has been the only one that I’ve stuck with and that has truly worked for me. I believe this is because of Mia and Adam’s expertise and their unique approach to fitness and wellbeing – I can’t recommend them highly enough!