BOSS 8 week challenge

oct 7th - DEC 1st 2019


You will be given a shopping and recipe guide where you will have the option to create and design your own meal plans with foods you enjoy so they are sustainable. You will email your meal plan to your trainer at the start of each week to keep you accountable. 

*Available option to have a macro meal plan designed especially for you.

1:1 PT Sessions

You will be allocated your own personal trainer for the entire 10 weeks. You will be required to participate in 1 x PT session each week for the duration of the challenge. Having a 1:1 session each weeks helps to keep you accountable and having the support of them each week is crucial is helping you stay on track. 

Small Group SESSIONS

You will have the option to attend unlimited group sessions from a variety of different days and times and complete them each week for the duration of the challenge. There is also an exclusive Sunday group session for the 10 week challenge participants. 

IN body scan

In Body scans are full body scans that show how much body fat and lean muscle you have on your body. There will be two In Body Scans scans during the 10 weeks, initially and at the completion of the challenge. By scanning at the beginning of the challenge we can determine how many calories you need to consume and again at the end of the challenge, we will be able to have a clear comparison of your results and these will help in determining our overall winner


The challenge participants will be required to have their measurements, photos and In Body scan completed at week 1, week 5 & week 10 of the challenge. This data will then be collected used to judge our overall winner. Our challenge winner will receive:

$500 cash, 2 x PT sessions and one month of unlimited group training sessions.

BUT remember you are all winners for taking the step to get back in control of your life. 


TO JOIN - $150

This includes your 2 x In Body scans, breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes, shopping guide & 1:1 support for the entire 10 weeks. 

ON GOING - $89.95 per week

This includes your 1:1 45 minutes PT session, unlimited group sessions & exclusive Sunday session each week.


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