Week 1 - Jordyn V

Jordyn is 23 years old and lives at home with her mum and younger brother. She works split shifts, early morning and then back again in the afternoon doing occasional care for Camp Australia. She is currently enrolled at Swinburne University studying to be a primary school teacher. 


1. What have you been currently doing towards your fitness/health goal? 

I have just recently started to cut out sugar as I was preparing to do that for the challenge to try and get my health back on track. I have been paranoid for some time now about the long term affects to eating too much sugar. I don't want to get to that point where its too far gone and I can't change the damage I have done. I have also been working on trying to eat a balance of food and not eating a large portion of food that 3-4 people can eat instead of 1 (haha).


2. What’s been your biggest obstacle so far (outside of the challenge)?

My biggest obstacle is work and getting board. I work split shifts, so I have a gab of about 6 hours in the middle of the day and can get board easily so I would overeat. So to not eat out of boredom has been really hard, even if its good healthy food, I find I am overeating too much of that because I am home. So this has become a bad habit.


3. Why did you end up where you are today? (Kids, busy lifestyle, injuries, scared of the gym etc)

I am very good at being motivated for a short time. I find I  will get really motivated and then if I get really tied or stressed from work or family I will fall off the wagon very quickly and then find it hard to get that same motivation and momentum as before. So just consistency for me has been hard.


4. What are your goals for the challenge?

I really want to learn to be more disciplined. I want to clean up my diet so my health is on track, as I am very worried about what the damages long term that can come from how I have been eating. My main goal is to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


5. What mindset are you bringing to the challenge?

My focus and mindset is set on the future. I really want to be consistent and motivated throughout the challenge but also after it finishes. I want to create habits that will last, I know cutting out sugar is a hard thing to do but I know long term it's so much better. So my focus is on how I am going to move and function everyday later in life, I know I am ok now, but what is the long term effect of what I am doing going to have in the future. 


6. Do you want to win this challenge? Are you motivated by the competition and the possibility of winning or are you just doing this for you and the prize would be a bonus?

*Lots of laughs* Was definitely more about my health, but I'm happy to win, I'd like to win, that would be good. I am motivated to win, it's good to have a bit of healthy competition.