A massive Congratulations to the Winner of our March 2019 challenge, Elyse Duffey.

Elyse came into the challenge in such a good head space, she was prepared to put in the work to get the results she was after. Elyse came to every session ready to work, she sent her meal plans every week and trusted in her coach Steph, 100%.

Because of this, Elyse ended up with a whooping total of 35.97% overall body change which is the the highest percentage we have ever seen in our challenges.

Elyse’s other incredible results included

A total weight loss of 7.3kg

A total of 500g of muscle gained

A total fat loss of 7.7kg

A loss of 21.8cm in total

Well done Elyse, the Boss Family are all so proud of you! Xx