Age: 51

Gender: Female

Work: Love my job as a vet nurse in Brighton

“I was really excited for my first session at Boss! Having been a member of another gym for around 6 years, I was relatively fit but had really lost my mojo - Les Mills workouts just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Izzy and I decided to move on and shortlisted maybe 3 or 4 small, local gyms. Boss was the first one that we trialled and I think after only 1 or 2 sessions we never left.”

”I think I still feel the same training now as I did a year ago. Still enthusiastic (almost) every day! I love seeing familiar faces, and new ones, feeling part of a family that genuinely look out for one another. The encouragement from both trainers and members alike makes coming to the gym easy.”

What motivates you to keep turning up and training?

“I’ve given this a lot of thought recently and the trainers often talk about the importance of goal setting to maintain motivation. I have to admit, I hate setting goals, I am not goal driven and I am completely and utterly uncompetitive. But still I turn up, regularly. I feel i’m letting myself down if I don't train 3-4 times a week. I keep training because I enjoy it. I also enjoy chocolate and chips and a glass of wine and a gin and tonic, so I figure I train so that I can continue to be me.”

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start?

“Just give it a go. But do it for the right reasons - I think it’s important to do it for yourself and do it because you really want to. Be in it for the long haul, incorporate exercise and the gym into your weekly routine and make it a way of life. Don’t use injury as an excuse, the trainers are amazing at providing modified exercises. Enjoy it, smile and be happy. And be kind to animals. Always” :)