Lisa’s Story


I am 49 years old, I have 2 adult children,  Jordyn-lee and a special needs son Jake who keeps me very busy as well as a full time job as a finance manager.

“I am quite a shy person so when I first started at boss I was nervous coming into a new environment with new people. Mia and Adam were awesome and made me feel very comfortable.  

Training has always been an outlet for me through out the years in and out of hospital with Jake, and Boss is a friendly environment where I can come and train and just switch off.

I have a lot of injuries and I appreciate that at Boss the trainers are aware, and will modify any of the workouts to suit. All the trainers bring something different to each session and Coop is a great new addition to the Boss Team.  It’s a very nurturing gym and I think that's what sets it above other gyms I've been to.”

What motivates you to keep turning up and training?

“Well Mias frequent text’s checking in. I love her hassling me and encouraging me to get off my butt and train, (when its the last thing I feel like doing) reminding me how much better I’ll feel for doing so.”

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start?

“Boss is a gym full of all shapes and sizes, we have all been there. You just have to make a start and get that first session under your belt, it all gets easier from there.”