$49.95 per week

Our unlimited membership entitles you to as many sessions as you can make it to and full access to our gym anytime you want.  The difference between this and a regular gym membership is that rather than being left to your own devices, it is our job and our goal to give you a very directed, structured and supervised experience.  You can potentially do 6 or more sessions per week in a fun, safe community of like minded people. 



gym use only

$20 per week


Our gym use only membership is designed for those who have a structured program, set of goals or an injury they need to work on individually.


casual drop in

$20 per visit

For those wanting to only access our gym use. Our casual drop in is designed for those who may have to travel for work and may only be around a few times a month, but would love a place that feels like home when they are home. 



$15 per session


Our Kids Fit is designed for a fun way to keep kids active whilst teaching them a range of fundamental movements and sports skills they need for life. 



$70 - 45 minutes       

Personal training is for those who need a more personalised approach. We support clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and only then together create a plan for action. Through this supportive relationship our clients experience success and ultimately achieve more significant change than they would on their own.



$80 Macro Plan

$50 per check in

Our Boss Nutrition is designed for those who are wanting a structured meal plan based on their correct macro breakdown, calories and food they love to eat. By sticking to a plan that is designed for what your body needs will give you the greatest amount of success. A plan doesn't have to be boring either, it can contain all the things you love to eat, just measured to fit in for you.