Jen's Story - 45yrs

I am just on the other side of the “45 hump”, a busy mum of 2 teenage boys and work part time as a Sales Representative.  The early morning sessions at Boss are just for me, they are my time to start the day energised and positive


"When I first started I thought I was relatively fit when I joined Boss, but just changing my training up, I soon realized I had lots of room for improvement.  The small class sizes meant Trainers were continually correcting and encouraging you to push harder. "

"NowI certainly feel stronger, fitter and a little leaner.  But strength week still gets me every time.  Always sore, but “good sore”.    I love the variety in the training sessions and that each session is different"

What motivates you to keep turning up and training?

"I am motivated to keep turning up and training because I want to stay fit and healthy, but mostly to be a good role model for my boys and show them how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I joined the gym with Meaghan and due to our busy lives this seemed to be the only way for us to catch up consistently.  Not that we can chat much during the sessions, but we do get time most days to catch up and keep each other motivated to do something for ourselves.  I have also meet lots of great people and Trainers (especially the early morning crew J)  Everyone is always very encouraging to each other and there is always some friendly banter that keeps us all going at 5.45am in the morning."

What advise would you give someone who is looking to start?

"Just start, as soon as you give it a go and get through the first week of pain, it becomes addictive.  It doesn’t matter what age, size or ability the sessions and Trainers cater for everyone."