Rhy's Story - 22yrs

 I am 22 years old and  I work as a laborer, I joined Boss Gym about a year ago (wow time fly's when you are having fun) from a close friend of mine named Jamie Astbury who actually used to work at boss at the time, he would train me three time's a week things were going good until he had to move to New Zealand. After he left I started training by myself for about nearly eight month's until I decided I would do some group sessions  which was probably the best decision I have made ever since. 

"When I first started training I felt really good even though I fainted a couple time's but It has not stopped me from giving up from what I want to achieve.

Now I feel really confident and happy as I come into the gym with a smile on my face, I also look forward to catching up and training with friends I always look forward to a new challenge  at every session."

What motivates me to keep turning up to the gym: 

What motivates me is that I enjoy working out and improving myself physically and mentally.

What advise would I give someone who is going to start: 

The advise I would give someone who has just started is to be persistent with there training that's how you will improve your fitness dramatically even though It's hard but you will feel so good and proud about yourself at the end.