Member Story - Carey M

Member Story - Carey M


“My training session….. It is sooo long ago now but I still have vivid memories of the first training session with Mia and the Saturday Boot Camp Crew. I think I pulled a hammy and calf muscle in my first session, but I am still hooked on the style of training Boss provides (the thought of going to the gym and just doing the standard 4 sets of 8-12 reps on specified muscle groups all the time is not very appealing)

 Now, I enjoy feeling fit, I look forward to all the sessions even “endurance week”! (well maybe not!) Boss gym is very social and Mia, Adam, Steph and Darcy have worked hard on ensuring that all people feel welcome and included. I suppose I do not regard Boss as a gym as such but a place to exercise and socialize.”



Training is part of my routine now, it is how I start my day. It is what sets me up for the day ahead and where I can push myself physically and release any tension I may have.


Any 1,000km walk starts with the first step. Just start, just do something and do not worry what other people are thinking because I can guarantee they are not thinking about you….oh, and take it at your own pace!

Member Story: Candice L

Member Story: Candice L


“My first training session took me a while to actually turn up because  I was so nervous. Steph was running the class and Darcy was running a boxing class. They were both so welcoming to me along with all the members.

It was endurance week and I was struggling to say the least.  I could barley run or do certain movements correctly. But Steph was so supportive and encouraging and Darcy would even pop over encouraging me to keep going. I could barley run but all the members who would fly past me would smile and encourage me to keep going so at the end I was beaming that I actually did it!

Now I LOVE IT! I feel weird if I don’t come in, It has the best environment.”


I’m getting my life back. I had a few health scares that if I didn’t take seriously I could of gone down a bad track. I am loving this new lifestyle and I finally feel like I have found a gym that I belong to.


Just turn up. The first session is always scary but I promise you, you will realise what your body is capable of and it will only motivate you to be better than the person who first walked into Boss

Recipe: Beef and Barley Stew

Recipe: Beef and Barley Stew

Serves: 8 -10 Prep time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 6hours


  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil

  • 1kg boneless beef chuck roast, cut into 1" cubes

  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (to taste)

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • 500g Mushrooms cut into chunks

  • 5 large carrots, peeled and sliced diagonally into 1/2" pieces

  • 6 large cloves garlic, minced

  • 500g sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1" cubes

  • 1 large brown onion, chopped finely

  • 4 Cups of Beef Stock

  • 1/4 cup tomato paste

  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard

  • 1 tsp dried thyme

  • 3/4 cup pearl barley

  • 3 bay leaves


  1. Sprinkle beef fairly generously with pink salt and pepper. Add the oil to a fry pan or to the slow cooker (if you have a multipurpose Slow cooker) and brown the beef, searing beef on all sides. Either transfer the beef to the slow cooker or keep it there.

  2. Add mushrooms, carrots, garlic, potatoes, onion, beef stock, tomato paste, mustard, and thyme, and stir well to incorporate. Then stir in barley and add the bay leaves. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours. Then turn heat to low and cook for 2 hours more. Serve hot, with fresh parsley sprinkled over the top.

Member Story: Helena S

Member Story: Helena S


“When I first started training I was really out of my comfort zone and I thought that I couldn’t make it through the first session. I was so unfit! Now I feel that I’m up for any challenge and more energised after a session. Training is now part of my weekly routine. I’m 41 years old busy working and studying mum of two. Even now that I have a lot on my plate, it is very important to me to find the time to train; it makes me feel happier, healthier and stronger “


That amazing feeling of being fit keeps me motivated and turning up every week. I want to keep improving myself. It wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t even run 1 km without stopping and now running  5 km is fun!


Just do it! Make feeling fit, healthy and happy your priority and find the time to come to the gym. Eat well, be patient and persistent with your training.

Member Story: Brad L

Member Story: Brad L


“I was very nervous/anxious leading into my first training session, looking at the board didn’t reduce that tension at all. Adam was taking the session and no doubt took pity on me. I really struggled to complete 10 wall balls, squats etc. All of the activities were basically cut in half to help me survive. My 1st P.T. session with Steph, well, we won’t go there…… But I love training now, my daily routine involves the gym at 7.00 am and actually feel a bit lost if can’t make a session due to work, kids etc. I actually enjoy challenging and competing against myself which I thought was past me since retiring from cricket. All the members are easy to chat with and have made me feel really welcome, that definitely helps enjoy each session.”


Having seen some decent results since joining the gym in August last year, my motivation revolves mainly around continuing to improve my body shape, getting stronger and being comfortable looking in the mirror each day. My goal this year is pretty basic, just have a crack at being the best I can possibly be. Live with no excuses and do my best at whatever that might be, starting in the gym!!


Find motivation from within, making that initial step to join is the hardest thing. The trainers are all fantastic, well most of the time :), they will push you to your limit and really understand where you are at. You definitely need to be patient but if you give yourself a chance, you will improve and it might not take as long as you think. Consistency is key, regular training and eating well will assist with results, both short and long term.  

Member Story: Mel K

Member Story: Mel K


"I felt excited about my first but also realised that I wasn’t as fit as I first thought I was. Previously having trained with Mia on a one-on-one level at a previous gym this was a different ball game. I started training 3 times a week and it took 2 days just to recover from each session.

But now, I thrive on it. Training for me is a way to de-stress from my work day. Work can be quite stressful at times so for me going to the gym is part of my daily routine. At the end of the night when I am preparing for work the next day, I also pack my gym gear and put it in the car. Even if at times I’m feeling unmotivated by the end of the day because I’ve had a crappy day at work, I will still go to the gym and try my best. Without fail I always feel better for it at the end of the session."


"I love it. It is a part of me. I have been a member of Boss Gym since the doors opened in 2016. Boss Gym is like my second family. Mia, Adam, Steph and Darcy all greet you with smiles on their faces. The other gym members become your friends and I enjoy coming in and catching up with them before and after each session. I now train up to 5-6 times a week. My recovery time is a lot quicker and I am always continuing to challenge myself."


"What are you waiting for? Give it a go. Boss Gym has opened up more opportunities to me over the last 2 years and has helped me find more meaning to life than simply becoming a workaholic. You make lifelong friends and you would struggle to find other more “traditional” gyms who genuinely care for your wellbeing.”

Member Story: Michelle B

Member Story: Michelle B


"I am 46 years old and the owner of a small beauty salon in Cheltenham. Work has always come first for me and I didn't think I could possibly fit in time for the gym. But I know I needed to make some changes to my (not so healthy) lifestyle and mostly with Mia's (not so gentle) persuasion I somehow did.  

My first session was a bit of a blur, I was so nervous and completely out of my comfort zone, but with the help of the patient trainers and the encouragement of the other members, I made it through.Now, nearly two years later I am still there. "


"My life has changed so much, training is now part of my life (4 days a week) and I have become stronger both physically and mentally. That in itself is all the reason I need to turn up everyday, plus I love all the friendly faces that great me when I get there. The BEST team of people ever!"


"So anyone thinking of wanting to start... just do it! You'll never regret walking into Boss Gym, the trainers are so encouraging, patient and helpful and the other members will make you feel welcome and at ease. Everyone is there to help and make your journey a little easier, you run your own race at your own pace. Try it, you'll love it! Thanks you, Mia, Steph, Darcy, Adam for the BEST gym ever!"

Member Story: Rhys B

Member Story: Rhys B

Rhy's Story - 22yrs

 I am 22 years old and  I work as a laborer, I joined Boss Gym about a year ago (wow time fly's when you are having fun) from a close friend of mine named Jamie Astbury who actually used to work at boss at the time, he would train me three time's a week things were going good until he had to move to New Zealand. After he left I started training by myself for about nearly eight month's until I decided I would do some group sessions  which was probably the best decision I have made ever since. 

"When I first started training I felt really good even though I fainted a couple time's but It has not stopped me from giving up from what I want to achieve.

Now I feel really confident and happy as I come into the gym with a smile on my face, I also look forward to catching up and training with friends I always look forward to a new challenge  at every session."

What motivates me to keep turning up to the gym: 

What motivates me is that I enjoy working out and improving myself physically and mentally.

What advise would I give someone who is going to start: 

The advise I would give someone who has just started is to be persistent with there training that's how you will improve your fitness dramatically even though It's hard but you will feel so good and proud about yourself at the end. 

Recipe: Irish Beef Stew

Recipe: Irish Beef Stew

Irish BEEF stew



Serves: 4-6 

Cooking time: 8 hours on low 


800kg of beef (chuck or oyster blade) 

1 brown onion 

4 sticks celery 

500g sweet potato 

1 Tin crushed tomatoes 

1 teaspoon oregano 

2 cloves garlic, chopped 

1 cup beef stock 

2 teaspoons sweet paprika 

1 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt 

1 teaspoon black pepper 

1 medium carrot



1. Prep ingredients, cut beef into 4cm pieces, thinly slice onions and crush garlic.

2. Put all ingredients in slow cooker and set on low for 8 hours 

3. Can serve with a small serve of brown rice or add more sweet potato for higher carb content. 


Member Story: Jen G

Member Story: Jen G

Jen's Story - 45yrs

I am just on the other side of the “45 hump”, a busy mum of 2 teenage boys and work part time as a Sales Representative.  The early morning sessions at Boss are just for me, they are my time to start the day energised and positive


"When I first started I thought I was relatively fit when I joined Boss, but just changing my training up, I soon realized I had lots of room for improvement.  The small class sizes meant Trainers were continually correcting and encouraging you to push harder. "

"NowI certainly feel stronger, fitter and a little leaner.  But strength week still gets me every time.  Always sore, but “good sore”.    I love the variety in the training sessions and that each session is different"

What motivates you to keep turning up and training?

"I am motivated to keep turning up and training because I want to stay fit and healthy, but mostly to be a good role model for my boys and show them how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I joined the gym with Meaghan and due to our busy lives this seemed to be the only way for us to catch up consistently.  Not that we can chat much during the sessions, but we do get time most days to catch up and keep each other motivated to do something for ourselves.  I have also meet lots of great people and Trainers (especially the early morning crew J)  Everyone is always very encouraging to each other and there is always some friendly banter that keeps us all going at 5.45am in the morning."

What advise would you give someone who is looking to start?

"Just start, as soon as you give it a go and get through the first week of pain, it becomes addictive.  It doesn’t matter what age, size or ability the sessions and Trainers cater for everyone."

Winter Tips

Winter Tips

Boss Winter Tips

1. Organise your week

Figure out when you can fit training into your schedule. Training before work can help to ensure that you get your training in rather than it coming to the end of the day and by then you’ve lost your motivation to show up! Alternatively, going to the gym straight after work rather than home first helps (otherwise you may go home and not be able to motivate yourself to get back up and go).

2. Work out with a friend

It definitely helps to have someone there holding you accountable, someone who is going to push you along and talk you into coming to the gym, you never regret a workout the hardest part is getting to the gym! Plan to meet someone at boss for each session so you don't let them down!

3. Overhaul your Nutrition Plan

If you’ve been following the same approach day in and day out for a while now with your eating and your bored, then your body is most likely bored also. Mix it up and make things interesting with some new meal ideas. Checkout our latest winter recipe

4. Prepare food for success

With less partying going on in Winter its easier to have a lazy day around the house with 2 hours of this spent preparing your food for the week, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ and some nights once you get home from work the last thing you want to do is think about organising your food for the next day.

5. Try out a new session

Give Isolation, Barbell or Yoga a go to mix up your training. Make sure you plan out your sessions and plan your week around that. It takes the guesswork out of your weekly training routine and keeps things interesting.

6. Embrace the winter!

Every year winter is going to rock up whether we want it to or not, so why not embrace this time of the year! We all know that winter is going to be cold. Rather than let the cold be an excuse to not get out of bed or go straight home from work, try to find ways to make the cold more bearable. Turn on the heater 15 minutes before you get up, have a quick hot shower to get rid of the chill, get in early to warm up, buy a super warm jacket (Kathmandu or North Face) and head straight to the gym from work.

7. Pack your gym bag the day before

Have your gym bag ready to go the day before, that way if your training in the morning it will give you that little bit of extra time to sleep in, or if your coming straight from work it will ensure you don’t go home and get stuck on the couch.

8. Purchase some new kicks or workout gear

How good does it feel having some fresh new kicks and active wear to show case around the gym! It gives you that extra boost of motivation. Go out and treat yourself to something new, this can also be a good reward for reaching your goals.


Lets hit the beach next summer with even better beach bodies than this year, lets utilise winter rather than going into hibernation, glued to Netflix and eating comfort food!

Recipe: Jen's braised beef

Recipe: Jen's braised beef





1.5KG oyster blade beef

4 large onions (800g)

3 gloves of garlic

1/4 cup (70g) tomato paste

1/4 cup (35g) plain flour

1/4 cup (vegetable oil)

1 litre (4 cups) beef stock

Mashed sweet potato/potato and vegetables, for serving



1. Prep ingredients, cut beef into 4cm pieces, thinly slice onions and crush garlic.

2. Toss the beef in the flour with salt & pepper; shake off excess. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan, cook beef in batches until browned. Transfer to 4.5 litre (18 cup) slow cooker.

3. Heat the remaining oil in the same pan; cook the onion and garlic, stirring until softened. Add the tomato paste and stir for a further minute. Then stir in stock.

4. Add entire mixture into slow cooker, cook, covered on HIGH for 3-4 hours or on LOW for 5-6 hours until beef is tender. Remove lid for the last hour of cooking to allow sauce to reduce a little. Serve with mashed sweet potato and vegetables.